Captivate the Silver Screen: How to Enlist Your Property as a Film Location

Captivate the Silver Screen: How to Enlist Your Property as a Film Location

Aug 25, 2023

Your Woodstock GA Property as a Film Location

Do you often gaze at your home, thinking it could be the perfect backdrop for a romantic scene in a movie, or perhaps your rustic barn could be an epicenter for the next blockbuster horror flick? If so, you are on the right page! Get ready to give your property its deserving stardom by enlisting it as a film location right here in Woodstock, Georgia. Imagine the thrill of seeing your mansion, or even your neighborhood diner, in the next big-screen sensation! Submit your property HERE

Ever thought about letting your property have a taste of Hollywood? Here's how to turn your property into the backdrop of a blockbuster! Read on to learn how you can enlist your property as a film location right here in Georgia.

Turning Your GA Property Into a Hollywood Backdrop

First and foremost, clarify the purpose. This database is designed exclusively for shooting locations. To venture into accommodation arrangements, you'd need to refer to the Georgia Production Directory instead.

Photography Tips for Catching a Scout's Eye

Next, it's all about the pictures! As they say in marketing, 'People buy with their eyes.' Catchy photographs of your property could be the luring bait for a Hollywood scout. Ensure you give a comprehensive glimpse of your property covering both the exterior and interior. Stay wide in your shots and explore multiple angles. Although we don't mandate professional photos, steer clear of poorly focused, dark, or low-resolution ones. Tilt naturally, steer clear from staged photos, and keep weather conditions normal.

Ensuring Your Property's Description Stands Out

The description! It's that extra sprinkle of seasoning that transforms a dish from good to great. Similar is the case with your property. Ensure you have a gripping title, like "Early 1900s Farmhouse" and dive into the specifics of square footage, unique highlights, and any 'stand-out' elements your property offers.
Bear in mind a few don'ts: Submissions from location services companies or agents are not accepted. Neither are properties currently on sale or undergoing remodeling. Ensure you either own the property or possess the owner's permission to lease it for movie productions.

Bring out the uniqueness of your property and who knows, perhaps it could become the next cinematic icon in the Hollywood realm. That's what makes the success of great locations - the ones that have stories to tell and characters to showcase. Excite the imagination of a movie producer or a location scout, and you might just find yourself innocuously basking in the reflected glory of the film industry!

If you want to list the property for lodging, please visit our Reel-Crew Production Directory. There, you can submit the property under SUPPORT SERVICES – PRIVATE ACCOMMODATIONS and link to a website where photos of the property can be seen. You cannot load photos into the Production Directory.

In the glittering world of film, the backdrop often plays as vital a role as the lead characters. Whether it's a quaint Georgia diner or an old rustic barn, every location tells a story that can captivate audiences worldwide. If you believe your property has that cinematic charm, don't just let it sit idle. With the right presentation and attention to detail, you can pitch your space as the next iconic movie backdrop. Embrace the guidelines, put your property's best foot forward, and you could be hosting Hollywood's next big production, bringing the magic of cinema right to your doorstep.