Is it safe to live in Woodstock GA? HECK YAH!!

Is it safe to live in Woodstock GA? HECK YAH!!

Sep 15, 2021

Woodstock GA ranks 5th in Georgia for LOWEST CRIME RATE!

Georgians are very concerned for their safety. 56% of Georgians said they are concerned for their safety on a daily basis, 2nd only to Alabama at 60%.

Within the last year, concerns in Georgia have gone up 9.7%. However, violent crime in The Peach State remains below the national and regional average. And property crime has dropped steadily since 2019. Georgia has had an increase in concern - almost 10% more than last year. However, crime remains low in Georgia -below the national and regional average for violent crime. Property crime is also decreasing steadily year after year, with less than 5% of Georgians feeling unsafe at night.

Woodstock has also been rated in the top 20 places to live in the USA twice in the last few years!!

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Georgians are among the most concerned in the US. They rank 12th for daily worry, 2nd for package theft and police violence, and 6th for violent crime worries. Georgians also rank 5th when it comes to concern over COVID-19 (lower than Florida)

In 2021, they will most likely worry about the future of their safety more than in 2020. Although there was an increase in violent crime and gun violence among those surveyed, 13% fewer Georgians experience these things first-hand (and 12% fewer people experienced other crimes).

Here are the 20 Safest Cities in Georgia for 2021

1. Milton

2. Tyrone

3. Braselton

4. Hampton

5. Woodstock

6. Grovetown

7. Glennville

8. Alpharetta

9. Acworth

10. Kennesaw

In general, aggravated assault was the most common violent crime in Georgia. In the safest cities for violence, it made up 67.2% of violent crime and 68.1% of all crimes across the state as a whole.