Sport Fishing In Georgia: Tips For The Best Fishing Experience

Sport Fishing In Georgia: Tips For The Best Fishing Experience

Mar 11, 2022

Georgians love to fish. And for good reason! The sport fishing in Georgia is some of the best in the country and right here in the Woodstock area too. Here are a few tips to help you have the best fishing experience possible.

In order to fish in Georgia, you must have a current fishing license. This can be purchased online, in person at participating locations, or by phone. The purchase of a fishing license helps support the conservation of Georgia's aquatic resources. License & Permit information.

What Kind of Fish Can You Find in Georgia?

1. Largemouth Bass

2. Spotted Bass

3. Hybrid Bass

4. Striped Bass

5. Catfish

6. Bream

7. Crappie

8. And Other Species

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What are Some of the Best Fishing Grounds in Georgia?

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources offers detailed fishing forecasts for 31 of the state's lakes and 18 rivers. Here is a link to ALL the spot fishing forecasts.

The Fisheries biologists have compiled a list of prospects based on their sampling efforts and knowledge of past fishing trends. This list contains information on fishing hot spots, lures, techniques, detailed interactive maps, boating, and angling access points as well as fish attractor locations.

Here is the info for the sports fishing spots in the Woodstock area.

Fishing Forecast - Lake Allatoona

This US Army Corps of Engineers impoundment of the Etowah River is 30 miles north of Atlanta. Allatoona features convenient boat ramp access and parking, as well as camping opportunities. The lake receives heavy use from boaters, skiers, and anglers given its close proximity to Atlanta.

Here's a sampling of the forecast: 

Largemouth bass can be found in the shallow coves and backwaters of the Little River, Etowah River, and Allatoona Creek areas of Lake Lanier. This is where some of the better largemouth habitats can be found in the lake.

Fishing Forecast - Etowah River

The Etowah River extends nearly 49 miles from Lake Allatoona Dam downstream to the city of Rome. Before heading out, call (706-334-7213) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) for the dam's water release schedule. Take care when boating on this river, as water levels can rise quickly and numerous rock formations are found throughout.

Etowah River anglers can catch freshwater drum, smallmouth buffalo, and several redhorse sucker species. The drum population is excellent and "bull" drums up to 20 inches are available, but most average 12 inches in length.

Download the guide here.

What Lures and Techniques Work Best in Georgia?

-Lures such as live bait, worms, and jigs can be effective in attracting gamefish in Georgia. -Techniques such as trolling and fly fishing can be used to catch fish in Georgia.

With these tips, you're sure to have a great time fishing in Georgia. Be sure to visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resource "Fishing in Georgia " page for loads more information on where to find the best fishing spots and what lures and techniques work best.