Summer's Ultimate Playlist: Woodstock's 2024 Concert Series Rocks Your World!

Summer's Ultimate Playlist: Woodstock's 2024 Concert Series Rocks Your World!

Jan 29, 2024

🎸 Get Ready, Woodstock! The Summer Concert Series is BACK... And it's Bigger, Bolder, and Louder than Ever! 🎤

🎸 Catch Night Ranger live on May 11th – Feel the electricity in the air!! Night Ranger storms the stage... Their classic anthems like "Sister Christian" will have downtown Woodstock shaking to its core. This isn't just a concert, it's a Rock 'n' Roll revolution! Night Ranger is set to hit the stage with a bang that could send reverberations into your very soul. They're not just playing tunes; they're etching their riffs into the heart of downtown Woodstock.

🎵 June 8th promises a blast from the past with The Guardians of the Jukebox – Your chance for an 80s revival!! The Guardians of the Jukebox plus Black Lion Reggae... Think Madonna, Bon Jovi, and Reggae Vibes. A double whammy of nostalgia and soul! The Guardians of the Jukebox and Black Lion Reggae. It’s as if you've been handed a backstage pass to the 80s, a time when music was as much about statement as it was about rhythm.

🤘 Dive into Tonic's anthems on July 13th – A night soaked in nostalgia awaits! Relive the hits that defined a decade. A night where every song is your favorite song. Tonic, paired with The Verve Pipe – bands whose lyrics and chords are etched into the very core of the 90s. These guys aren't just playing songs; they're reawakening every road trip, every late-night heart-to-heart, every moment we swore we'd live forever.

👟 Get moonwalking on August 10th with Who’s Bad – Witness a tribute fit for a King! Who’s Bad brings MJ to life with a jaw-dropping tribute. 20 years of perfection packed into one night. Who’s Bad perform with a vigor that challenges you to sit still – a challenge I bet you'll lose. It’s not just a concert; it’s a full-blown event dedicated to Michael Jackson's everlasting legacy.

🤠 Round off your summer with Eddie Montgomery on September 14th – A country-rock extravaganza! Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry brings honky-tonk anthems that tell stories, start parties, and remember legends. It’s not just country music folks; it's an ode to perseverance, to carrying on when life hands you raw deals – it's about finding your way back home through music.

🌟 Every Show is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience! From rock legends to country icons... WSCS 2024 has it all. Don't miss out!

Woodstock isn’t just throwing concerts; they’re throwing lifelines to memories we all hold dear.

The record-smashing crowd numbers are no fluke – since '98, Woodstock has been mastering the art of bringing people together through song. And this year? Well, strap in because if history has taught us anything, it’s that when Woodstock throws a party, it becomes legendary.

PS: Remember, on concert nights, every spot is as coveted as an encore at the end of an electrifying performance. So plan ahead, park smart, and enjoy the show!

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Mark your calendar NOW. Let's Make Summer 2024 Unforgettable Together!