Woodstock GA just keeps topping the charts.

Woodstock GA just keeps topping the charts.

Nov 02, 2023

Woodstock is one of the best small cities in America AGAIN. Scoring in the 98th percentile with an overall score of 67.35 in the WalletHub evaluation.

Hey, folks! Isn't it wonderful living in Woodstock, Georgia? A place we're all proud to call home! 🏡💙

But, what makes Woodstock, nestled in the heart of Cherokee County and just outside of Atlanta, truly special, is that it's been ranked #31 as one of the top places to live in America in a recent Wallet Hub evaluation. Not bad for our lovely town, eh?

While big cities tend to attract the limelight, almost a third of Americans (31%) express their preference for suburban living in overcrowded urban areas (16%) or remote rural communities (24%). We in Woodstock perfectly embody this preference with our unique blend of small-town charm, community connectivity, and remarkable affordability!

One of the key factors that has placed Woodstock high on the livability index is the cost of living, with housing costs being a significant part of that equation. Just to give a perspective - if we were to compare our sweet town with the largest city in America, New York City, you'd find that our cost of living is approximately 60% less. That's quite a difference, right?

For instance, looking at housing specifically, Woodstock shines brighter still. Going out to eat or grocery shopping is roughly 40% and 45% less respectively than in The Big Apple 🍎. Add to that the shorter commutes and a cozy, tight-knit community and you've got yourself a recipe for a contented and affordable lifestyle.
WalletHub recently compared over 1,300 U.S. cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000, using key indicators like affordability, economic health, quality of life, education, health, and safety. Guess what? Woodstock was one of the stars on that list! 🌟

Yes, life in Woodstock may involve certain trade-offs - like fewer restaurant options (than New York City) or shorter business hours. But these are just minor tradeoffs when you consider the benefits we reap in return: more personal space, familiar faces at every corner, and the luxury to make the most of life without breaking the bank.

So, here's to Woodstock, Georgia! A small city with a big heart and the perfect place to call home. 🏡💖🌳

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